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Planet positive treats

Healthy high-protein, low calorie treats your furry friends will love. Made from the invasive fish that needs to be overfished!

Pezzy Pets Single Ingredient Fish Strips
Pezzy Pets Single Ingredient Fish Strips
Pezzy Pets Single Ingredient Fish Strips
Pezzy Pets Single Ingredient Fish Strips

Pezzy Pets Single Ingredient Fish Strips


These crunchy jerky strips are made by slowly dehydrating hand-cut slices of wild Mexican devil fish caught by our team of artisanal fishermen. Our single ingredient treats are just that! Fish and nothing else. Pezzy treats are high in protein and low in calories, making sure your furry friend stays healthy and lean. 

Each 3.5oz bag contains 1 lb of fillet (raw weight)

Pezzy jerky strips can be served whole or broken into bite-sized pieces for smaller pets, making them great as a healthy treat or even a meal topper. Treats are shelf-stable. 

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Plus it's not just our treats that are beyond sustainable. All our packaging, stickers and even our mailers are 100% compostable too!


100% Clean Label Products

Pezzy treats are made from 100% wild-caught Mexican devil fish. We don't use any fillers, chemical preservatives or otherwise unsavory ingredients in our pet snacks and never will. The devil fish is an incredibly lean fish, packed with protein but almost zero fat. We also take our sourcing very seriously and routinely lab test our fish, which is completely free of heavy metals and other toxins. 

Positive Pawprint Treats

The devil fish, originally from South America, currently accounts for up to 70% of the wild freshwater capture across Mexico. It causes a wide range of environmental issues, most notably eating the eggs of native species. We're turning the tide on this fish and solving an environmental problem through tasty foods. Plus all our packaging is 100% compostable - every tasty bite of Pezzy is a net benefit for the environment! 

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Community Sourced, Community Made

Pezzy treats are handcrafted in our own facilities. We work with artisanal fishermen to harvest and process the Mexican devil fish and train locals to make our treats. In turn, we're creating new, better economic opportunities while removing a destructive invasive fish! 

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“Charlie drools like a fountain when I reach for them.”

Customer image

Ryan V.

Kali LOVES Pezzy! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product for pooches and our environment alike!

Customer image

Jess H.

“My dogs LOVED these! The smaller one is especially picky and prefers soft treats. I wasn't sure how he would react to these, but he scarfed them down without any trouble or hesitation!“

Señor Pepe chowing down on Pezzy treats!

Diana R.