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Planet Positive Treats

Healthy high-protein, low calorie treats your furry friends will love.  Made from invasive fish that NEED to be overfished!

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Clean Eating

Pezzy treats are made from 100% wild-caught Mexican devil fish and lionfish. We don't use any fillers, chemical preservatives or otherwise unsavory ingredients in our pet snacks and never will. 

Eco-Positive Pawprint

The devil fish, originally from South America, currently accounts for up to 70% of the wild freshwater capture across Mexico and eats the eggs of native species. Similarly, the invasive lionfish has decimated coral reefs in the Caribbean. We're turning the tide on this fish and solving an environmental problem through tasty foods. Plus all our packaging is 100% compostable - every bite of Pezzy is a net benefit for the environment! 

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Beneficial Trade

Pezzy treats are handcrafted in our own facilities. We work with artisanal fishermen to harvest and process the Mexican devil fish and lionfish and train locals to make our treats. In turn, we're creating new, better economic opportunities while removing a destructive invasive fish! We are a proud certified B corporation. 

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