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Three ounce bag of Pezzy Fishcuits. Front of packaging that includes Pezzy logo and transparent window displaying Fishcuits, which look like square cookies.


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Pezzy Fishcuits are scrumptious cookie treats made from just 4 ingredients! 

We make these mouthwatering treats from devil fish, upcycled oat flour, sweet potato and natural peanut butter. That's it! 

We've partnered with our friends at Renewal Mill to use their oat flour made from spent oats used to make oat milk. Fishcuits are a good low calorie snack high in protein and other important micronutrients like vitamin A. 

Fishcuits are recommended for dogs only. Because of the carbs and fiber, Fishcuits are not recommended for cats. 

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Plus it's not just our treats that are beyond sustainable. All our packaging, stickers and even our mailers are 100% compostable too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome Product!

I am so happy to finally find a sustainable company that does doggy treats. They are healthy and help save the planet, win win!

He loves it!

Overall, it's a great dog treat, and our dog is very picky, but more importantly it's for an excellent reason.

It comes down to whether you think the price is worth it, which for us it is.

We also love that all the treats on this page are made of pure ingredients, clean and simple.

My dog Radar loves his Fishcuits!

Radar is super finicky so we weren’t sure he’d like the fishcuits. I bought a bag to try and he begs for one more every time he gets one! He absolutely loves them!! We are completely sold on this product and the company’s mission. Thanks Pezzy Pets!

Yvonne Michod
Love all the products !

Ethical and delicious treats for my best friend !

Dogs love these!

We don't have dogs ourselves, but we buy treats to give to our friends' and neighbors' dogs when we hang out. We've given these to at least 10 dogs, and only 1 rejected them. (Her human said she's picky. She liked the lionfish treats that are also from Pezzy Pets though!) All the other dogs kept hovering around us and eagerly awaiting more. Some of the smaller dogs (such as Chihuahua mixes) had an easier time eating them when we broke them in half.